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Razsiritev dnevnega reda
August 2014

Razsiritev dnevnega reda 19. skupscine druzbe Turboinstitut.
19. Skupscina druzbe Turboinstitut
August 2014
Preklic Sklica 19. skupscine druzbe Turboinstitut.
Sklic 19. skupscine druzbe Turboinstitut.
Opinion on the takeover bid released
November 2013
Management of the company Turboinstitut released an opinion on the takeover bid for the purchase of the company's shares. Opinion in its entirety and in slovenian language is published here.
Kolektor Group new shareholder of Turboinstitut
October 2013
In October Kolektor Group has acquired 114,488 shares of the company Turboinštitut d. d. , representing 82.67 percent of the company's voting rights. Kolektor's decision to buy Turboinstitut is a step towards the objective of becoming a future integrator of Slovenian companies operating in the electro energetics sector.

Supervisory boad has appointed Executive Director, M.Sc. Uroš Suhodolčan, on Tuesday, October 22,.

Electro energetics sector will be undergone major changes in the coming decades. Depending on the political commitments made by the Republic of Slovenia, we will have to reduce its dependence on imported energy. We are going on a larger scale to exploit scattered renewable sources of energy.

Kolektor entered the field of energetics three years ago when Etra was bought. Today Kolektor Etra is a major manufacturer of transformers. The integrity of the elektro energetics assembly is supplemented by other Kolektor Group's companies: Kolektor Sinabit, Kolektor Synatec and Kolektor IGIN. Turboinštitut, supplier of equipment, including turbines, for small hydroelectric power plants, proudly joins these companies.

In the coming weeks in accordance with the applicable legislation, Kolektor Group will conduct proceedings of acquisition of Turboinštitut. 
Contract for jet pumps
September 2013
In September 2013 Turboinstitut signed a contract with Russian partner for the development and delivery of four jet pumps for nuclear power plants. The ejectors will serve as safety equipment for boric acid injection into the reactor. The hydraulic development will be supported by CFD simulations on supercomputer LSC Adria and by model testing on Turboinstitut high pressure test rig for Pelton turbines testing.
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